Week 7 WP Affiliate SuperContest Leaders

After Week 7 the current leader ProSportspickss is still running strong with 25 pts.
It took a while for the pack to catch up, we’re now seeing a closer race after going 1/4 in week 7 and 2/3 in week 6. Livesport is hot on your tail.

Please remember to update your default ENTRY name. ENTRY-828071 and ENTRY-827987 let us know who you are. Welcome Tomy 3G into a tie for 4th spot after 7 weeks.

Where you can update your entry name. >> Click on the pencil to edit your Entry name.

For more details on how to enter please read this page:

WebPartners SuperContest Prizepool is for $5000

  • 1st Place – $2000
  • 2nd Place $1250
  • 3rd Place $850
  • 4th Place $550
  • 5th Pace $350

Quarterly $100 Prizes can still be won in each Quarter ie. (Weeks 1-4), (5-8), (9-12), (13-16).

Good luck everyone!