WebPartners NFL Football “Affiliate SuperContest” (Week17) Year End Winners

WebPartners NFL Football “Affiliate SuperContest”

Leaderboard (Week 17 Totals)

Prize Pool: **revised Jan.3rd, 2020**

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place

Quarterly prize will be broken down as follows:

1st Quarter: Week 1 through Week 4 >>Prize $200 Cash

Winners: BankrollSports.com and VegasTopDogs.com with 13 pts each tying for 1st place.

2nd Quarter: Week 5 through Week 8 >>Prize $200 Cash

Winner: Professional Sports Picks with 16 pts earned over this week 5-8 period.

3rd Quarter: Week 9 through Week 12 >>Prize $200 Cash

Winners: Tony Michaels and GamblingSiteFinder.com with 13 pts each tying for the Quarterly Prize over weeks (9-12).

4th Quarter: Week 13 through Week 17 >>Prize $200 Cash

Winner: ManBearPig of www.slotsfree.com earned 18 pts over weeks (13-17)

Congratulations, to Tony Michaels of (www.bestsportspickstoday.com) and CoachBelanger (www.jeffreybelanger.com) for winning the first ever ‘WebPartners SuperContest’ and all of our other seasons winners. Your winnings have been credited to your affiliate account.

Until the next one, thanks again for participating and your continued support of our WebPartner brands.

The Webpartners Team