How to use Stats Drone with WebPartners?

StatsDrone is an essential app for affiliates to check stats and save time.

Do you spend too much time checking stats?

StatsDrone is a tool that will allow you to monitor multiple affiliate program stats under one central dashboard area. Saving you time to work on the things that make you money. The StatsDrone software is the best and easiest way to track your stats from all your affiliate programs. You no longer need to log in manually “one-by-one” to get the data from each operator.

How does StatsDrone work?

StatsDrone collects the data by API feeds from each of your programs to be integrate into a centralized dashboard view.

Watch this video John created to help explain how StatsDrone can help you with

As a thank you to StatsDrone, we suggest giving them try yourself using their curtesy 30 day free trial. If you like it share with others and let John and team know what you think of StatsDrone.