$100,000 March Madness MYBracket Contest – Mybookie

Contest Information:

  • The $100K March Madness Bracket Contest opens on Monday, March 15th, 2021 and closes on Friday, March 19th, 2021 at 12:00pm ET. All entries after this point will be considered void and will not be eligible for any of the prizes.
  • The Contest begins with the First Round of the 2021 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament on Friday, March 19th, 2021.
  • Entries can be purchased in advance.
  • If your bracket is not completed or fully filled out by 12:00pm ET on Friday, March 19th, your entry will be void and eliminated from the contest.
  • Round Dates: First Round (March 19th & 20th), Second Round (March 21st & 22nd), Sweet 16 (March 27th & 28th), Elite 8 (March 29th & 30th), Final Four (April 3rd) and Championship (April 5th).
  • Only fully completed brackets qualify for the contest prizes.
  • We reserve the right to amend this promotion at any time.
  • House rules and regulations apply.
  • Winners will be notified by Email and will be posted on a Leaderboard. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to keep his/her Email information in their account up-to-date and accurate.

How to purchase your entry:

  • Each entry into our $100K March Madness Bracket Contest costs $10.
  • Entries may only be purchased with real cash funds.
  • Entry fees will be deducted directly from players’ account balance.
  • All purchases are final. There are NO refunds. Make sure that before you click on the PURCHASE button that you double check all your selections.
  • You can purchase up to 50 entries.
  • JOIN now

How to Play:

  • Participants must purchase at least one entry to participate in the $100K March Madness Bracket Contest.
  • After purchasing entries, players can view and edit their entries in the ‘My Brackets’ section.
  • Participants must pick the winners of all 63 games in the 2021 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, beginning with the First Round.
  • Points will be awarded for each correct pick.
  • Once a bracket has been submitted, it is final. Picks cannot be changed once the bracket has been submitted.

Point System:

  • 1 point for every correct selection in the 1st Round
  • 2 points for every correct selection in the 2nd Round
  • 4 points for every correct selection in the Sweet 16
  • 8 points for every correct selection in the Elite 8
  • 16 points for every correct selection in the Final Four
  • 32 points for picking the winner of the Championship Game

Guaranteed Prize Pool

1st Place$25,000.00
2nd Place$12,500.00
3rd Place$5,000.00
4th Place$2,500.00
5th Place$1,500.00
6th Place$700.00
7th Place$500.00
8th Place$350.00
9th Place$250.00
10th Place$150.00
11th to 100th Place$100.00
101st to 500th Place$75.00
500th to 750th$50.00

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