WebPartners SuperContest 2024 Winners

WebPartners SuperContest Final Leaderboard

Congratulations to OS Davis from NFLbets.com for winning the 1st place prize of $2000 with 58.5 season points. Also adding 2x $100 freeplay Quarterly prizes. Nicely done!

In second place at 55.5 points we have Dennis from www.gridirongold.com, the gold standard in NFL Handicapping for over 20yrs. He’s taking home $1,250 in contest prize money.

In 3rd place we have K-OSS with 52.5 points. Prize $850

4th place for $550 with 52 points Entry-969882 (Jeff) from jhsportsline.com.

In 5th place with 51 total points we have ENTRY-969467 ff-winners.com earning $350.

Congratulations again, please email us at contests@webpartners.co to confirm your MB player account number.

WebPartners Affiliate NFL SuperContest Final Leaderboard:

Prizepool $5000

*Prize Pool: * $5,000 paid out to the Top 5 Winners

1st: $2,000
2nd: $1,250
3rd: $850
4th: $550
5th: $350

Quarterly Prizes: $100 in Free Play with a 1x Rollover to the player with the highest Points

1st Quarter: Week 1 through Week 4
2nd Quarter: Week 5 through Week 8
3rd Quarter: Week 9 through Week 12
4th Quarter: Week 13 through Week 18

Previous Quarterly prize winners:
Quarter 2 K-OSS and ACE MICHAELS
Quarter 3 OS DAVIS
Quarter 4 OS DAVIS


  • Any/all players who tie as Points Leader for Quarterly Prizes receive the $100 Free Play w 1xRO
  • This SuperContest is only intended for active WebPartner Affiliates only. To be considered an active Affiliate, you will need to have an active WebPartners account with at least 1x active player and or brand page review and links promoting Mybookie.ag
  • Aside from specific prize amounts, all standard MyBookie T&C’s for SuperContests apply.
  • For questions regarding the Affiliate SuperContest, please email contests@webpartners.co

Any questions or difficulties, please let us know.

Thank you,