Our Vision

Situado no vale central da ensolarada Costa Rica, construímos uma equipe de marketing talentosa e de serviço completo. Nossos profissionais de conta são ágeis e adaptáveis; gerenciando contas com habilidade e entusiasmo nerd. Cada membro de nossa equipe em crescimento está aqui não apenas porque é talentoso e experiente, mas porque ama o que faz.

Meet The Team

Shawn joined the team when our need for critical thinking, and Seahawks support, had reached a perilous state. He brings nine years of industry experience to WebPartners and his impressive knowledge of Reggaeton Music. He’s a laid-back guy who believes in positive vibes but don’t let the chill factor fool you; he’s an absolute beast at his job!

Shawn é um grande fã dos Seahawks, um entusiasta do vinho e comerá absolutamente qualquer coisa que você colocar na frente dele. (Sério, ele poderia ir ao ‘reality show’ com esse talento)

Toll Free: 1 (859) 823-5274 Ext. 3008 | Email: shawn@webpartners.co  | live: shawn.cr

In terms of iGaming expertise, Cynthia straddles two worlds. For her colleagues, she’s an iGaming affiliate maven with a knack for connecting with affiliates and forging positive relationships, ultimately benefiting her affiliates in a perfect symbiotic relationship. For affiliates in the iGaming space, she’s an enthusiastic learner on new and better marketing techniques, helping newcomers boost profits by tapping into the online marketing industry.

Cynthia has been working for 21 years on the iGaming industry in multiple capacities.

While building great business relationships has been a major focus for Cynthia, her day-to-day tasks as an Affiliate Manager stretch far beyond the acquisition frontier. Cynthia continues to work hard to advance the relationships with the affiliates and she is always looking at ways to up the ante for affiliates along the way.

She loves to travel and is also a beach enthusiastic, feeling the sun, listen to reggae music and the smell of the ocean is the best experience for her!!

Toll Free: 1 (833) 447-9292  Ext: 3002 | Skype: cynthia.milano31 | Email: cynthia@webpartners.co

Kim is a truly genuine and easy going colleague who has many quality years of experience in the iGaming industry.
Her confidence and experience have helped make her an instant success with her affiliates.

Ela adora esportes, música e ajudar os outros, quando ela tem algum tempo livre você pode encontrá-la na quadra de vôlei quebrando as redes. Kim adora viajar, aprender novas culturas e se conectar com as pessoas. Fale com Kim hoje e comece.

Toll free: 1 (855)323 78 34 Ext. 3004| Email: kim@webpartners.co | Skype: live:.cid.d693ea443c032c9

Jane Miller has been the backbone of the Webpartners Affiliate Program since day 1.

She has worked in various company roles starting from online marketing admin, campaign manager, office co-ordinator and HR.

Her calm, cheerful demeanour combine with data driven analytic skills has helped resolve many headaches here at Webpartners.
We trust in Jane. You should too.

Jane likes long walks on the beach so if your ever in town and need a date. Jane’s here for you.

Email: Jane@webpartners.co | live:pemberley06

TJ possui vasta experiência na indústria de iGaming. Ele trabalhou com algumas das operadoras e redes afiliadas mais bem-sucedidas deste lado do Kentucky. Após um breve hiato trabalhando fora do iGaming Business por alguns anos. Ao que alguns podem se referir como "entressafra", ele está de volta e procurando construir relacionamentos fortes.

Toll Free: 1 (844) 255-0062 | Email: tj@webpartners.co | Skype: live:tj_3211 | TG @TJ_WP

Thanks to several years of experience in the iGaming industry, combined with even more years of going to ball-games and organizing Poker tournaments with friends at home, Mike Anderson is hard to beat when it comes to passion for Sports and Casino.

He’s the Marketing Administrator here at WebPartners with the goals of raising awareness, reputation, and sales for our brands. Some tasks include following major-sports markets, analyzing stats to track and understand results, as well as developing and executing marketing strategies according to industry trends while following company needs. Last but not least, he has a competitive nature and knows the product like the back of his hand, so be assured he’ll do everything possible to help him and anyone on his side, achieve the best results.

Skype: MikeWP
Email: Mike@webpartners.co

If you ever need a numbers guy, look no further than Alex! Whether it’s analyzing reports, managing payments, or dealing with financial institutions, he masters each subject and is not shy to demonstrate so. The years of experience under his belt in the financial industry along with his love for sports, have made Alex a great fit for the iGaming industry since he joined Web Partners as Payment Administrator. The experience and skills he brought to our team has helped improve organization, structure, and expedition of our payment processes. Not to mention he can’t hide his passion for world-class soccer clubs like AC Milan and FC Herediano, and still manages to thrive. A true professional; he is not only great at what he does but also does it in style with an amazing personality, making any difficult situation feel a lot less stressful than what it really should and always putting the welfare of others above anything.

Email: Alex@Webpartners.co