XBET your Playoff Action!

abril 20, 2023   |   Staff Writer   |   Sports   |   xBet

NBA + NHL Playoffs, Boxing, UFC, PGA, & More! This Postseason Parlay Is Nothing But Net! With the status of superstars Ja Morant and Giannis Antetokounmpo up in the air due to injuries, and the Timberwolves looking completely outmatched versus the top-seeded Nuggets, the play is to bet $50 on a Lakers + Heat + […]

Boost Your NBA Playoff Bankroll

abril 12, 2023   |   Staff Writer   |   Sports   |   xBet

NBA Playoffs, MLB, NHL, UFC Fight Night + $470K Jackpot! This Play-in Parlay Is Nothing but Net! The Raptors went 2-0 versus the Bulls on home court, winning by an average margin of 7.5 points. Meanwhile, the Thunder went 1-3 versus the Pelicans, but never lost by more than four points. The point? Lock in […]