O que significa se minha conta de afiliado mostra ganhos negativos / positivos?

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O que significa se minha conta de afiliado mostra ganhos negativos / positivos?

Yes, negative figures generated will be carried over to the following month. Meaning if your player sheet shows (wins are greater than loses) or request more payouts than deposits made, it’s likely your affiliate account will show negative earnings. Your account is deemed to be in a negative balance.

When you promote our five brands including our flagship brand MyBookie, and you are in a negative balance you typically won’t earn commissions until your account is once again in a positive balance.

It is possible to earn from brand A. even though brand B and C. have put you into a negative balance. We can bundle positive earnings together and Un-bundle your negative earnings between brands for a monthly pay period. The Negative earnings still carry over but the positive earnings from Brand A are paid out and will not go against negatives on the other brands unless this is the preferred option between the parties.

Additionally, we can pay out monthly earnings over $100 to a player account or BTC account to help protect you from future negative commission months if this is a concern and you haven’t met the threshold of $500 USD for a Bank Wire.

We also have a  (winning player) review clause. This allows us to review with the affiliate how an individual (winning player) effects their monthly earnings. We will discuss an alternative for you if you are hit by a big jackpot winner or a consistent (winning player) individual action. If decided and agreed upon to remove said winner this player would be removed from this period and all subsequent past/future periods. To discuss if this is right for you, please contact your WebPartners.co affiliate manager.