WebPartners and BetZillion Discuss Collaborative Gambling Initiatives at the SiGMA Europe Summit 2023

SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 is a recently finished world-renowned event that featured networking experiences, events, awards, activities, and panel discussions. Those offered the participants to link up and engage in talks about the industry and its future.

As one of the biggest events in the gambling industry, it featured several leading individuals and companies.

Understanding the importance of the Summit and its agenda, the WebPartners team attended the event to form new affiliate collaborations and sports betting partnerships. And to create new, useful, and fruitful connections. We also took the opportunity to connect with BetZillion and its CEO, Sergio, and discuss important topics.

WebPartners’ Representative, TJ, Meets BetZillion’s CEO Sergio for Collaborative Talks at SiGMA 2023

El SiGMA 2023 Malta conference offered various events and activities—those for companies to enter new collaboration opportunities and strengthen existing friendships.

During the SiGMA Malta summit, WebPartners’ representative, TJ, met BetZillion’s CEO to discuss, plan, and evaluate new partnership opportunities. We also discussed the potential and risks of popular betting markets and joint goals with our sports betting partner.

Redefining Partnership

During the talks with BetZillion at the Malta Summit, we touched on important topics in the gambling and gaming industry. 

Highlights of the discussion with BetZillion revolved around:

  • Sharing collaboration plans
  • Strategic planning
  • Sharing the vision for the future
  • Finding ways to develop long-term growth
  • New ways to set the groundwork for a strong collaborative landscape

When talking about shared ideas, WebPartners and BetZillion touched on topics including the growing betting and gambling worlds and how we can improve it. We also discussed new ways to strengthen our collaboration with authorized betting partners. 

The main point of discussion was to form a foundation for development and a growth strategy. That will benefit both parties and everyone involved in the industry.

We’re happy both companies highlighted their intentions to create an effective partnership to help both sides. But more importantly, both shared the importance of mutual support and innovation to achieve common goals.

American Sports Markets

Sports betting has been growing rapidly in the United States. That has been the case since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was declared legal in May 2018. Millions of Americans have started exploring the exciting world of sports betting. And with more and more states deciding to legalize betting, the number of active punters has continued to grow.

Nowadays, it’s easy for most Americans to wager on major betting events. And there is a trend of American punters preferring to wager on the most popular sports in the country. Those include:

  • American football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

However, soccer has become increasingly popular among sports fans, slowly claiming a larger share of the betting market. Similarly, Esports betting is on the rise, giving bettors new and exciting opportunities to bet on more than just traditional sports.

Canadian Sports Markets

Like in the USA, sports betting is a massive industry in Canada, where each province can regulate betting activities with its own rules. The Canadian sports betting industry had its obstacles and stages to overcome. Finally, the country legalized single-game sports betting in 202. With that, it opened a billion-dollar market, expediting the growth of the betting industry.

Many of the biggest bookmakers also became official betting partners of Canadian sports teams. It only proves how big the sports betting scene is in the country.

Not shockingly, the Canadian bettors have their own set of preferred markets to bet on. That mainly includes the most important sports in the country, including:

  • American football
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Winter sports

Like in the United States, soccer is gaining traction among Canadian punters. And the same can be said about Esports.

Both have to do mainly due to Canada’s proximity to the United States – home to some of the biggest Esports tournaments and strongest teams. However, as of now, Esports betting has yet to reach the same status as traditional markets

American Vs. Canadian Betting Industries

In some ways, the American and Canadian betting industries are similar, yet different in other aspects. The two countries’ proximity has affected the development of the betting industries and their partnership.

It shows joint preference in betting on several sports and leagues. Some of it also concerns the said sports or tournaments featuring teams from both nations.

The key difference between the two betting industries is not related to access to markets for the biggest gambling events. Instead, it has to do with the market size. Canada will hit over 13 million active online users in 2024, whereas the US will have over 31 million users.

Another thing to consider is the accessibility of betting shops. Players in the US have to be located in one of the states where online betting is allowed. Canadian players are allowed to bet online anywhere. 

Canadian punters, unlike US bettors, may also join foreign operators. It highlights that Canada’s legal restrictions are much looser.

Prospects for the Gambling Realm

While sports and Esports betting popularity continues to grow, so does gambling. Most sports bettors enjoy online casinos and the other way around. It shows close ties between the two industries, slowly morphing into one.

As talked about during WebPartners and BetZillion’s partnership meeting, the popularity of online betting has to do with innovations in the wagering world. And a huge influx of new gambling operators has entered the market.

It offers players new opportunities to scratch their gambling itch. And with technological innovations, betting companies can offer new ways for gamblers to enjoy their activities.

The massive popularity of gambling isn’t a secret. The online betting market is expected to grow from $60 billion to over 103 billion by 2028, with an expected CAGR of 11.34% over the next five years. Yet even that number might be too low.

Navigating Challenges and Mitigating Risks

Even though the betting industry can prove very exciting – as shown by its immense market growth – it comes with some risks and hazards. As discussed in gambling partnership talks, the accessibility to online platforms plays a role in one of the many risks that come with betting. 

However, the main concern revolves around continuous innovations in the industry. Those aimed to make gambling highly addictive.

This addiction has undoubtedly not been addressed properly. That is despite the dangers it presents to anyone involved. 

While actions are being taken against it, it comes down to sportsbooks and affiliates who partner with friendly betting sites. Those must work on spreading awareness and contributing to safe, reliable, and responsible betting and gambling experience.

Transforming Strategies into Reality for Future Achievements

We discussed the current betting and gambling situation during the WebPartners and BetZillion’s partnership talks. We also shared insights on how they can positively impact the industry and long-term plans.

WebPartners and BetZillion agreed on the importance of continuous innovation and mutual support. We found it the only way to achieve common goals, such as creating a safe and reliable betting and gambling experience for everyone involved.   


The event connected the betting and gambling industry leaders over the five days. It also allowed us to share our experiences and form new bonds with other affiliate members and companies. 

The Summit allowed us to connect with the BetZillion team and share our plans and ideas on how we can leave an ever-lasting impact in the industry.

Our journey together has already proven fruitful. And with new plans and ideas in place, we’re excited about what the future of this collaboration can offer.