When should I use a campaign, a customer group or subaffiliates?

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WebPartners supports different mechanisms to track clicks and customers, and a frequent question is when is appropriate to use a campaign, a customer group or a subaffiliate account.  This is a brief explanation of each.


Under an affiliates account, traffic that they send through (either through links or banners) records under a campaign id.  Campaign ids are unique per affiliate, and by default, all traffic records under campaign 1.   

  • Campaigns are simply a way to split and report on statistics.   They are not related to commission or customer groups.
  • El ID de la campaña varía de 1 a 65000
  • Campaigns do not need to be pre-created or registered.  A campaign number can dynamically be used in a link
  • Puede usar la misma campaña en varios grupos de clientes