How do I check my player’s activity?

¿Cómo Podemos Ayudar?

Simply log into your WebPartners account and click the Report tab. Reports are available online 24/7 and allow you to view your player’s activity. The report labelled “Detailed Activity” will display day over day results on your account’s overall performance, separated by brand. The report labeled “Customer Activity” will show you the overall activity within the date range you choose for the individual account IDs, separated by brand and or plan. The “Customer Registration” report will display on customer ids by join date and will display the customer status. Suspended column displays “False” means customer is in good standing. If this suspended column displays “True” this means the players account is suspended, meaning no commissions can be earned during this monthly period while account is suspended.

You’ll see all your new sign ups, deposit amounts, wagers won / lost, etc on all our products. We offer several types of reports which allow affiliates to keep track of their players as well as their monthly net revenue commissions.